26 June 2008

Music Thursday : Thought Sausage

It is time that I bring you another track from Widespread Panic. Not only is Panic one of my favorite bands, but they have several songs about food, eating, etc. Today I bring you a track from their latest release ‘Carbondale 2000’. This is an entire live show from 12/01/00 Southern Illinois University, Carbondale, IL, and the first release from the Widespread Panic Archives. If you want to really understand who Widespread Panic is you need to buy this 3 disc set. It is by far the best thing that they have ever put to CD. I have never been a big fan of the studio albums that Panic has put out over the years, but this live cd really demonstrates the true Widespread Panic experience.

The year 2000 was the peak of my Panic addiction. I saw 23 shows that year and had the time of my life. Now I have traded in my taper ticket and lot food for contest entry fees and bbq. It is funny how the two sub-cultures are very similar. Both sub-cultures have a family vibe, loyal followings, and offer tons of fun. Now this is not to say that the two groups would intertwine very well, but there are some similarities.

This is not the best track from this show, but how could I not play a song about sausage on a food blog.

Carbondale 2000 - Thought Sausage


BP said...

One of the best song titles ever.

Osma said...

The song link seems to be broken :(

ULIKA BBQ said...

thanks for the heads up. it is fixed now.