01 June 2008

Buster's Place

I recently made the quick trip to Murfreesboro, and that meant a stop off at my favorite burger joint, Buster's Place. Buster's has been winning best burger awards in Murfreesboro for several years running and is truly an outstanding burger joint.

The outside is simple - just a rectangular brick building with a small sign. The "decor" is comprised of mismatched tablecloths, beer bottle chandeliers, mixed patriotic paraphernalia, and an assortment of vinyl banners and neon signs promoting various beers and/or past Nascar events (and then there is that lone print of the Mona Lisa in the corner). But while this low-end beer joint may have a murky design concept, its purpose is clear: they serve outstandingly fresh, made-to-order, hand-patted hamburgers. While you have your choice of all the standard toppings, the very minimal menu includes your choice of a hamburger or a cheeseburger with side options of french fries or onion rings.

There's nothing jazzy going on here - no gimmicks, no distinctly uncommon flavors or unusual spices, no exotic cheeses or gourmet substitutions - just well-seasoned, perfectly cooked, juicy burgers.

The burgers are served on the same soft beige hard plastic plates that were in your middle school lunchroom and the crinkle-cut french fries are the same ones served in that very lunchroom - warm, salty and mushy inside. I recommend the onion rings.

If you're in the 'Boro, this is an excellent (and not very pricey) place to stop for lunch - located at 1615 NW Broad Street.

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Pellet Envy said...

Nice job Rob. Great pics. It's only 8:00 am and I want a burger now. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!