31 July 2008

Music Thursday: The Rock-afire Explosion

What goes best with pizza?

corn and chocolate milk?

Well I much prefer an animatronic robot band. The Rock-afire Explosion from Showbiz pizza fame to be exact. It appears that the band has made a real comeback on youtube. There is also a documentary coming out. Here's a preview:

You can find The Rock-afire Explosion covering many of your favorite songs on youtube.


barbara said...

Natalina was there. In Montgomery Alabama, 1982, Showbiz Pizza was the place to celebrate.

jccvi said...

School pizza!

Do I crave it because there's nowhere I can buy it? I can remember some terrible variations, all limped cardboard crust, gummy cheese, and indistinguishable cured pork topping.

Still, occasionally the medium could rise to sublime heights. In college, I was shocked but very pleased to find that school pizza is the preferred type in Rome. Who knew?