12 August 2008

The Fair

It's that time of year. Yes you can smell the funnel cakes in the air, and the carnies are running about. The fair is in town! All over the country people are entering in their 920 pound pumpkins and showing off their hog calling skills.

This weekend is also the kickoff for the Wilson County Fair. This fair is considered by most to be the best fair in the state of Tennessee. Now while it might not rank up their with the Texas State Fair, it still has plenty to offer. The headlining entertainer is Tracy Lawrence and they have everything from an exotic animal contest to a demolition derby.

There will also be a KCBS competition. We are not competing in this contest, but I do have the honor to judge this event. It all gets started on Friday night with a "What's Your Beef?" contest. In this ancillary event, contestants can turn in any cut of beef. I imagine that I will see and taste some wonderful beef dishes Friday evening. On Saturday, all four KCBS meat categories will be turned in for judging. I unfortunately will have to sample six pieces of chicken, ribs, pork, and brisket prepared by some of the greatest bbq cooks around.

Stay tuned for a full report.......


BP said...

I love Tracy Lawrence so much!

Anonymous said...

What would I do without Ulika?