13 August 2008

Mo's Bacon Bar

I finally gave in. For several months now, I have been hearing about Vosges' outrageous Mo's Bacon Bar - a milk chocolate bar spiked with real applewood smoked bacon. I think everyone's initial reaction is shock, but if you think about it, bacon really is a nice complement to things that are sweet. Lord knows we've been there on this site. I think the only thing that's kept me from trying it is the fact that you can't buy it anywhere around here. But when Jim Ridley referenced the Bacon Bar on Bites last week, that was it. I bit the bullet and ordered a pair.

Do you know how there are some things in life that, when you finally experience them, they just don't live up to how great you thought they'd be? This is not one of those things. Mo's Bacon Bar is everything I dreamed it would be and more. The smooth and rich milk chocolate was prefectly contrasted in both texture and taste by the little chunks of salty bacon goodness. And I was pleasantly surprised to find no shortage of bacon in the bar. For a sweet-and-savory junkie like me, this one really hit the spot.

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Crazy 4 Flavour! said...

But it's expensive - especially over here in UK. at around five pounds for a 4 oz-bar. Amanda (my Wife and Partner) came up with a simple recipe to make it with BaconSalt and milk chocolate bars from ASDA (supermarket) - just melt the chocolate and add BaconSalt. (full details on http://crazy4flavour.blogspot.com/)

You can buy BaconSalt from www.baconsalt.com in USA, and it's sold in UK and Europe by www.crazy4flavour.co.uk

"Bacon without the cooking mess"!