16 October 2008

BBQ (BLOGS) IN THE NEWS: Nashville Scene 'Best of Nashville 2008'

It's that time of year again. The Nashville Scene has released its 'Best of Nashville' issue for 2008. I always look forward to the BON, because even as a lifelong Nashvillian, I can always count on the folks at the Scene to uncover some hidden local gems (culinary and otherwise) that I have never heard of. This year is no exception (Best Breakfast Buffet: the Airport Marriott - whodathunkit?).

For 'Best Barbecue', I think the editors have made a solid choice with Dee's Q. I'm in the midst of a re-evaluation of Nashville's barbecue establishments (more on that to come!), and I think that while Dee's might not be "the best", it is certainly "among the best". If nothing else, I respect the fact that Dee's is old school, cooking out back in old offset smokers. On another note, I like that the writeup paid homage to Martin's - that was a nice touch.

As for the Reader's Poll winners - they are who we thought they were. Whitt's...again.

Finally, it was a pleasant surprise to see that this very blog got a shout-out in the "Best Media Trend" award category, which highlighted local food blogs. Thanks for the mention!


Rachel E said...

Way to get a mention Ulika BBQ!!

Anonymous said...


Andrew said...

I voted for Martin's in practically every food-related category. Surprised I never see ya'll there. I'm a regular, since I live just a few minutes away. Congrats on the Scene mention, by the way...Very cool.

Unknown said...

I go to Martin's just about every Friday for lunch.