30 October 2008

BBQ IN THE NEWS: P.S.I.P. Get Profiled

The Hendersonville Star News had a nice article last week about our buddy Alan Woodard and his Pig Smokers in Paradise cooking team.

Too bad the article repeatedly misreported the name of the team, not to mention Alan's first name. I know that the Tennessean (parent of the Star News) is not exactly a reputable source when it comes to barbecue, but this is just basic, right? I mean, I'm no journalist, but it seems like if the article is about a man and his barbecue team - you might want to make sure you've got the name of the man and his barbecue team spelled correctly?!! And what I don't understand is that the article says "Big Smokers in Paradise", but then proceeds to give the abbreviation as "PSIP"...and gives the website as "www.pigsmokersinparadise.com".

ANYWAY...congrats to PSIP for the publicity. They say any press is good press, right? Hopefully this will generate some catering jobs, or maybe even a venture capitalist for that new restaurant.

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