20 November 2008

Music Thursday: Can I Get A Damn Coke?

The Mr. and I are currently in the Biggest Little City in the World. Of the many unsettling things about this city, one thing has been rather problematic for us on this trip: no coke. Atleast not the kind that we're looking for.

No Coke, no Diet Coke, no Dr. Pepper or Sprite, certainly no Coke Zero...no Coca Cola products of any kind. And every time I ask for a coke, I get the awww, cute accent remarks and then the dreaded question: Is Pepsi okay?

And perhaps because they don't have it, they don't call it coke out here either. Apparently, we're straight up in the land of soda nomenclature:

*Reno is in the skinny rectangular county of Nevada along the California border

Tennessee, you see, is all about the coke. So for this week's song, I'd like to buy the world a coke. I sure wish I could just buy one out here.

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BP said...

That map is out of control. I love it.