15 January 2009

Stump announces a new series of smokers

On Monday, Stump's released the information on his new series of gravity feed smokers. There are 4 models of the gravity feed cookers, and they feature several new upgrades. Each of the new models features a new grease drain system w/ grease catch, adjustable rack runners (I am most interested in seeing this modification), a drip edge over the front door, and an option for casters or a dolly system. Here is a list of the new models:

The GF112 or Baby Stumps (pictured) is the new scaled down cooker designed for backyard use, or for someone looking for a more portable cooker. This cooker comes with three 18x18 racks, and features 5 rack runners. I figure that this cooker will be the perfect cooker for my son to start out with when he gets a little older.

The GF233CM or Competition Model is replacing the GF222 model. This will probably be the featured model in the gravity feed series and the most popular. This unit comes with 4 23x32 racks, a nipple for pit probes, and bigger tires. You can expect to see more and more of these cookers at competitions to come.

The GF223 or Classic has been overhauled and will feature 5 23x32 racks.

The GF234 is the biggest one of the bunch and is closest to my Elite 8. This unit comes with 8 23x32 racks, and will hold a couple hundred pounds of meat.

I am really looking forward to seeing these new cookers in person. I have now been a Stump owner for almost a year and I have been loving ever minute of it. We finished 3rd overall in our first competition with our Stumps, and it has allowed me to take my bbq to another level. As they say "Stump don't build no junk". For more information on the new Stump's smokers, or to find out about other Stump's products, visit the website at www.stumpssmokers.com.

If you are looking for a great used Stump's, my friend Billy with DoRagQ has an Elite 6 for sale. I would buy it myself if I could afford another smoker, but I am busy buying diapers these days.

Well, all this talk about smokers has got me excited about the upcoming bbq season. Pretty soon we will be establishing our 2009 schedule, and we will let you know where the crew is headed.

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