02 March 2009

Red White and Food

I saw this on the Scene's Bites blog, and I just love it when people go ahead and give me the a blog topic...

When strolling the aisles of a grocery store in Tennessee, you are sure to find Purity Ice Cream, Clifty Farm Country Ham, and Vietti chili...but you won't find any wine. Sure, you can pick up a case of your favorite crushers, but the closest thing to wine is the sparkling grape juice that your parents got for you every New Years when you were a kid.

The Tennessee Grocers and Convenience Store Association has dubbed today Red White and Food day in the blogosphere, asking bloggers to type in support of their mission to bring wine to grocery stores.

Currently, long-standing Tennessee law only allows wine to be sold in liquor stores. Red White and Food seeks to give customers more choices, asking legislators to create a license that will allow retail food stores to sell wine.

But it is not just the food retail outlets that would benefit from this legislation, the liquor stores will as well. As the laws stand today, a liquor store can ONLY sell liquor. This means that you can not buy Bloody Mary mix with your vodka or pick up some ice to go with that bottle of 21 year old scotch. The Red White and Food group wants to see liquor stores have the opportunity to sell ice, soft drinks, juice, mixers, and other "grocery" items associated with alcoholic beverages.

To learn more and support the cause, visit Red White and Food.

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