22 April 2009

BBQ SAUCE OF THE WEEK: Grandma Foster's Smooth & Mild

"Smooth" is definitely an accurate description for this week's barbecue sauce. Grandma Foster's Smooth & Mild is about the consistency of Pepto Bismol - thick but never gloppy, and with a nice gloss to it. It's perfectly puréed, with nary a hint of anything floating in it at all.
As for the flavor, it is definitely mild, with little to no heat. But that doesn't keep it from having a nice flavor - tomatoey sweetness balanced with a little bit of tamarind savoriness. Overall, it's very well-balanced and a good M.O.R. sauce that will please a lot of people.

P.S. - I especially like the depiction of Grandma Foster on the label proudly raising a drumstick to the sky.

Grade: B+


barbara said...

From one grandma to another, this sounds good!!

Anonymous said...

We can always add some heat.

Eric said...

Grandma Foster's Smooth & Spicy named 2009 American Royal "Best Sauce on the Planet". Info on Grandma Foster's can be found on www.grandmafostersbbq.com - including a link to the official store on eBay shipping nationwide.