18 April 2009

Winchester Quick Results

We had a great time in Winchester this weekend. Here are the quick results:

Overall - 21st out of 47 teams
Chicken - 20th
Ribs - 40th
Pork - 8th
Brisket - 17th
Sausage - 5th
Desert - 7th

Check back later for a full review. Congrats to Wild Bunch Butt Burners for their Grand and Jiggy Piggy on the Reserve


Anonymous said...

Good job, Ulika! Pork=awesome. We'll catch up soon! Can't wait to hear more about Winchester!!

Unknown said...

Ulika, Would like to discuss with you doing a review our of renowned Barbecue sauces (blueberry, blackberry, & Strawberry).


Unknown said...

email me
ulikabbq at gmail.com