05 June 2009

Blues Hog via Woman's World Magazine

Page 39 - You Deserve The Best..... Barbecue Sauce

In case you have not yet picked up your copy of Woman's World Magazine this week, here is a little sneak peek.

Also in this weeks issue:

Fix-it-fast tricks to un-break lipsticks, china, cellphones and more - 20

Easy clutter cure!
- 49

Your Good Health: 6 easy ways to end vaginal dryness - 15

It's Easy To..... Dress up a supermarket plant! - 41

Romantic Fiction - 42

Your Horoscope - 44


Chris said...


I hope people actually click on the hyperlinks. Especially for the ummmmm bikini area drought.

Great great great post.

Matt Cook said...

Congrats on the added "Fame"