13 August 2009

BBQ SAUCE OF THE WEEK: The Slabs Kyle Style BBQ Sauce

The Slabs, also known as Tom & Josh's Orgasmic Slabs, began as a competition barbecue team in the Kansas City area. They still compete, but they also make a killer barbecue sauce. The sauce is of course a KC-style sauce. It has a deep, rich burgundy color, flecked with bits of various spices. It's relatively thick and ketchup-based and the embedded spices make for a mouthfeel that is kind of grainy. The sauce is definitely sweet, but also prominently features the bold flavor of cumin. There are also notes of apple, onion and tamarind, and a nice mild cayenne pepper burn at the end. The unique blend of flavors, especially the cumin, sets this sauce apart.

Grade: A


Joel Cook said...

This sounds just like the kind of sauce that would go good in my collection of fine sauces. I really am interested in trying this.


Anonymous said...

I'm a BBQ sauce fanatic and If i could find a safe way to inject this sauce into my veins I would! I have tied about80 diffrent sauces this year from many pro comp teams and this one is my favorite!!!! You cant go wrong with this, I can easily drink this sauce!!!!!