30 September 2009


First of all, can we go ahead and agree that this is the best label on a barbecue sauce ever? Yes, those are a bunch of pigs laid out in a row being mopped by a smiling gentleman in a chef's hat, and there are five more pigs hanging up behind them. Phenomenal.

C.F. Sauer Co. began in Richmond, Virginia in 1887 by selling flavoring extracts and spices. Over the years, the company has expanded and absorbed other companies, including cult favorite Duke's Mayonnaise, and now offers a variety of products, including barbecue sauce.

The sauce is a rich red color, flecked with lots of spices, and is of medium thickness and smooth texture. It comes in a unique squeezable bottle with a squirt top. The flavor of this sauce is a marvelous cocktail of tangy and spicy. There is just enough sweetness to take a little bit of the bite out the vinegar, but make no mistake - this is not a sweet sauce. Not surprisingly from a company who traffics in the stuff, what sets this sauce apart is its unique blend of spices. It's hard to tell exactly what's going on, but it's unique and it's delicious.

Grade: A


Inspired by eRecipeCards said...

OH My Gosh... I remember this from my youth ... This is a terrific sauce that I am going to track down, didn;t know it was still available

Unknown said...

i don't see it on their website, but if you can find the totally vinegar based "hot" style by them, it is awesome.

have you tried Cattleman's Gold? most of their stuff is OK, but the Gold is a mustard based sauce that is really really good. it's my go to after my home made mustard horseradish sauce.