24 September 2009

Drew's Brews Coffee

I have really been digging on some Drew's Brews coffee lately. This locally roasted coffee is top notch. Drew Park really knows his stuff and he continues to churn out some of the best beans you can possible buy. The latest blend in my coffee maker has been Off The Grid, a blended formulated exclusively for the local coffee shop Crema. If you haven't tried Drew's Brews you are really missing out. You can pick some up locally at Crema or Whole Foods. For those outside of the Nashville area, you can order it online.

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Beth said...

After hearing Chris Chamberlain (and now you) sing it's praises, I've been dying to try it. Two men whose opinions I trust.

I actually have my first Crema date on the calendar for Saturday morning, so I'm going to pick up some Off the Grid while I'm there! So excited!

Unknown said...

if you like it strong you will love this stuff

Ken Wood said...

Rob they need two teams for gal latin are u competing

Andrew said...

Great coffee, but if you're not sold...Drew's pretty much the nicest guy I've ever met. So there's that, too.