03 August 2010

Tuesday Taqueria: Taqueria Mexico Tennessee

Alamo, Charleston, Moscow, Oakland, Paris, Philadelphia, and Savannah are all towns across the great State of Tennessee, but have you ever been to Mexico Tennessee? That is where we are reporting from today. This little city just off Nolenseville Rd. is located right behind the drive-thru Quick Cash and it's only resident is a little taqueria.

When we visited Mexico, TN we tried dose chorizo, uno chicharrones, and uno asada taco. These tacos came garnished with some grilled whole green onions, and the traditional cilantro and diced white onion. There was also a side of green creamy guacamole hot sauce and a lime. The grilled whole onions came as a huge surprise. Even those fancy taco places don't garnish this well.

The chorizo tacos are loaded with the finely chopped spicy sausage. There is just something about the flavor of the chorizo and the corn tortillas that work so well together. I really think that I could eat a plate full of just chorizo tacos, but I like to mix it up for my reviews. If you find yourself in Mexico, TN I would highly recommend these jewels. 5/5

Chicharrones tacos were not exactly what I was expecting. I had always wondered what a crunchy pork cracklin (also called chicharrones) would taste like in a taco. So I ordered one. Only to find out that it was not crunchy at all. It was pork fat, but it was more stewed than crunchy. This would throw off a lot of people, but being a lover of the pork fat, I didn't mind. 3.5/5

Again I went with one of the mainstays in the asada taco. Getting an asada taco always gives me a chance to add on the complementary sides, and as mentioned before the grilled onions and the green hot sauce did not disappoint. 4/5

The tacos here were $1.50. Well worth the price when you consider the amount of meat and the extra special touch of the grilled onions.

As I pulled up, no one was around to take my order. This was ok because I took some time to review the menu. After about a minute or so a young lady came out of a detached building and took my order. She did not really seem all to excited to be working outside in 95+ degree heat, but who could blame her. 3/5

Well it seems that the State of Tennessee has posted a notice that the Disclosure of Public Health records has been terminated. Seems kinda odd to me. So we will just have to go with what I saw when I was at the taqueria. As you can see in the picture, the door to the taqueria truck was left open. This presented a great opportunity for the files to have a field day. It did seem that there was another detached building that held their walk in, and other then the files the place seemed on the up and up. 2.5/5

Overall I would have to say that this is one of the best taquerias that I have been to. I keep mentioning the grilled onions, because they really helped set this taqueria apart from some of the others. This taqueria also offers some shaded outdoor seating, and I even spotted a cheeseburger on the menu (for your non-taco loving friends). So if you are ever in the neighborhood, you should consider visiting the little town of Mexico Tennessee.

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Unknown said...

When we did our taco tour, we went to this one, and all of the ones we went to had 90+ health score. The detached building is a bathroom with running water, soap and TP and was very clean when we were there. This is one of my favorites, and the shrimp and chorizo tacos were my fav.

I am surprised that TN doesn't do health scores anymore.

Glenda Mitchal said...

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