13 May 2011

BBQ Skillet Brigade to Northern Alabama

images from Moulton, Alabama (map), Russellville, Alabama (map) and Phil Campbell, Alabama (map) - Friday, May 6, 2011

THANK YOU to our family and friends who supported our trip to Northern Alabama where we served BBQ lunches and cold drinks to 350 grateful residents, workers and volunteers in the area. We were also able to bring 540 gallons of bottled water and fill the rest of trailer with baby supplies to distribute to victims of the storms.

Thank you to Andy Orr and Chi Chi Faulk for going with us and a HUGE THANK YOU to Steve at Genghis Grill for stepping up and donating ALL of the pork for us to smoke and make into the sandwiches.


Unknown said...

sorry the post was down for a bit. blogger had some issues and it deleted the post.

Cool Springs BBQ said...

Kudos to the Ghengis Grill for donating all the pork! I'll have lunch their this week to show thanks for their support. Its funny hearing all the people this past weekend complaining about the heat while eating and spending time with their families outside. We need to remember those who lost everything and are rebuilding their homes/lives outside in the very same heat.