30 November 2013


Steve Ownby never imagined he'd wind up in the barbecue business. After retiring from a career in the insurance business, Ownby wasn't sure what to do with himself. He didn't hunt, fish or play golf, but he was a KCBS Certified Barbecue Judge and enjoyed cooking in his spare time. And other people enjoyed what he was cooking. One catering call led to another and before he knew it, he had a full-fledged catering business on his hands based out of his home in East Tennessee - Holy Smoke BBQ. And after months of using commercially available barbecue sauces and rubs for his catering business, Ownby eventually decided he needed his own line of products. He developed the products under the tutelage of one of the best - Bill Arnold, of Blues Hog Barbecue fame.

Long time readers of this blog know that Blues Hog is one of favorite barbecue sauces of all time. I have said before that I would eat shoe leather if I could dip it in Blues Hog. And I'm happy to report that Holy Smoke BBQ is a delicious apple that did not fall far from the tree. The sauce has a similar favor profile to Blues Hog - sweet, with a very mild burn on the back end, with some very interesting spice notes lingering in the mix. The consistency is thinner, though, which I like. Overall, this is simply one of the best sauces I have tasted. Do yourself a favor and give it a try!

Grade: A+


Chris said...

Steve is a great ambassador for BBQ in these parts. I can't help but think of Fred Willard (actor from Best In Show, Waiting for Guffman, etc) whenever I see Steve, especially when his hair was darker.

Christie said...

I am always up to try a new BBQ sauce and this one looks like a winner. Thanks Dan from Mantitlement.com

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