02 November 2013


Who doesn't love a good family recipe? Using a recipe from your ancestors creates a connection through generations and lets those loved ones live on each time someone enjoys that special family concoction. I treasure those recipes that have been handed down from my grandparents and great grandparents. That's why I think Millie's Barbecue Sauce is so special. Craig Brown and his wife Toni have taken his mother's secret recipe for barbecue sauce and shared it with the world in these great barbecue sauces. The Browns began by selling their sauces at St. Louis area farmers markets, and their popularity is growing.

The sauce comes in two variations - Sweet & Tasty and Sweet & Spicy. The Sweet & Tasty is a relatively straightforward Kansas City style sauce - thick and dark, sweet and sultry. Besides sweetness, there is a nice citrus-y brightness and a bit of vinegary tanginess. It's not quite as smoky as most KC-style sauces, but does have darker notes of molasses and raisins that are a nice touch. The Sweet & Spicy offers slightly more heat, though it is still quite mild.

Grade: B+

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Chris said...

Sounds like one to pick up. Well two actually.