30 September 2015


If the name "Pork Barrel" makes you think of politics, that's no coincidence. Heath Hall and Brett Thompson got the idea to get into the barbecue business while working in Washington, D.C. for former Missouri Senator Jim Talent. When Talent lost his reelection bid in 2006, Hall and Thompson went whole hog into the barbecue business, developing a sauce and eventually a barbecue restaurant in the D.C. area.

The Original version of the sauce is a dark amber color, specked with spices, and is of medium thickness. The taste is immediately more tangy than sweet, with notes of smoke, chili powder, and celery complementing the vinegary tang. As expected, the sweetness takes the lead in the Sweet version, with the tanginess taking a back seat. The sweetness is complex, with tones of molasses and tamarind, and a little bit more heat. The Mustard version is slightly thicker, with plenty of flavorful bits in the mix. Yes, there's mustard, but it's also got plenty of sweetness, a bit of tomato flavor and still more heat.

Original: B
Sweet: A
Mustard: A-

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