07 October 2015


Have you ever heard of a barbecue sauce with "barbecue sauce" as one of its ingredients? Actually, a lot of the competition cooks are probably nodding their heads right now. Even apart from the sauces used in the meat categories, many a sauce category entrant has taken a commercially available sauce, doctored it a bit, and turned it in. But a commercially produced sauce with "barbecue sauce" as an ingredient? That's a new one on me.

Then again, Kenny Nadeau and Mike Smith, who started the Uncle Kenny's brand and still run it today, are competition BBQers. Yes, in addition to running a popular restaurant and catering operation in Central Florida, and selling their line of sauces and rubs, the UK guys still compete in FBA and KCBS. And very well, too - they won a Grand and a Reserve in 2015.

Despite operating out of Florida, these sauces are definitely in the style of Kansas City - thick, rich, smoky and sweet. The Original version has an excellent balance of sweet, tangy, savory, spicy and smoky flavors - no one flavor is dominant and the result is a great tasting sauce.

The Mustard version is like a really octane honey mustard sauce. It kicks up the sweetness and the heat a couple of notches, which is needed to balance the strong yellow mustard flavor.

Both sauces are exemplary and fine examples of how to balance the flavors that make a great barbecue sauce - even if the first ingredient is...barbecue sauce.

Original: A
Mustard: A

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