15 September 2015


Ubon's is another competition team that has been in the game a long time and seen a lot of success and accolades. But in this case, the sauce came long before the Grand Championships and the restaurant. Garry Roark created the sauce in 1986, based on his father Ubon Roark's recipe, which dates back several generations even before him. So this is definitely a sauce with some history. And yet it totally translates to the 21st century.

I like the bold look of the label. I like that it's got Mr. Roark's smiling face right there on the label, opposite a QR code - old school and new school. And I like that it tells you how to pronounce the name right there on the side of the bottle - "YOU-BAHNS".

The sauce itself is a pleasantly tangy one, developed in an age before everything had to be so darn sweet. It's a bright burst of vinegar flavor on the front end, balanced by just enough sweetness. The finish is more savory, with the faintest trace of heat. It's a sauce that would likely be a great complement to pork. And Ubon's makes what's reputed to be a killer Bloody Mary mix, too - for your refreshment while you're cooking that pork.

Grade: A-


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