17 January 2009

BBQ IN THE NEWS: A Barbecue Study Abroad Program

From today's Tennessean, a story "talking slideshow" about a group of college students from Birmingham-Southern College who have embarked on a kind of independent study of barbecue and its place in Southern culture. Dubbing themselves the "Southern Barbecue Boys", they are on the road for 17 days, hitting the high points in Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia and the Carolinas. What's more, they even got the school to pay for it! They have a website, a blog, and a YouTube page devoted to the endeavor.

The Boys seemed to enjoy their time in Nashville, giving glowing reviews to both Jack's Bar-B-Que (especially the good-looking help) and Johnny Cash's gravesite. I wish I could've given them a heads up or two before they hit Memphis, but hey, sometimes the best way to learn is by trial and error.

Best of luck, gentlemen, and by all means, if you do this again and you need a graduate student to supervise, give me a ring.


Anonymous said...

Bama Bangs... LMAO

Terry (aka) Big Daddy said...

I saw that in the paper, pulled up the web site, haven't had time to read the whole thing.