05 March 2009

Music Thursday: Extra Hot Edition

Last week, I went to a party that was graciously serving a buffet of Prince's Hot Chicken. There were four 12x20 aluminum pans full of Prince's wonderful, delicious hot chicken wings and each pan contained one of the four heat levels (mild, medium, hot, and extra hot). As a big fan of the hot, I went straight for it. Luckily, I had my pick because most people were starting with the mild or medium.

I have had Prince's lately and the hot didn't seem as hot as it used to be, but this wing had some real kick. After downing that wing and a few Yazoo crushers, I was challenged to a piece of the extra hot. The extra hot had gone virtually untouched all night. Well, I was in just the right...errrr, wrong state of mind to say yes. After the first bite I thought, this is not much hotter than the hot. Unfortunately this line of thinking had me going back for a second piece of extra hot. WOW. It was extremely hot. It had a purplish tint and the spice hit my lips immediately. Each bite was hotter and hotter and so so good. Most people ask me how I can eat that hot chicken. I just have to reply that it is like crack. After one bite you have to go for the next and the next. Also like crack you, will have to pay the consequences in the end. I am glad I can say that I have tried the extra hot, but I think that I will stick to ordering just plain hot next time.

Widespread Panic 10/31/02 NOLA - Hot in Herre

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