11 June 2009


The traffic is still backed up and the wookies are scampering about so you know it can only be one thing. That's right, it's time for Bonnaroo. I hope everyone has a great time this weekend.


Chris said...

I saw a link on the Knox NewsSentinel that a car loaded with "mushrooms" headed to Bonnaroo didn't make it there. Who knew all those partiers were such portobella and shitake fans, huh :) ;) :)

Chris said...

PS: I'm coming to Nashville for my monthly meeting on the 17th. I'll be heading back to Knox in the late afternoon. What's the best Q joint on the east side of town and relatively close to 24 or 40?

Unknown said...

I would go to Prince's Hot Chicken, but if it's bbq you want try White's in East Nashville.

East Nashville BBQ

BP said...

If you've never been to Prince's, you really do owe it to yourself to go there.

Both White's and Prince's are in the same strip center at 123 Ewing Drive, which is just off of Dickerson Road. The closest interstate exit is actually the Dickerson Road exit on I-65 (Exit 90A) which is a few miles north of the downtown loop.

If you do go to White's, I would stick to the pulled pork.