21 July 2009

Sympathy Food

Nothing says "You're In My Prayers" like a bowl of mac and cheese.

Today I read about an interesting new business: sympathy food. The folks at SympathyFood.com have taken a new slant on the concept of comfort food, selling turkey dinners, pies, and yes, mac and cheese to comfort loved ones in times of sorrow. Started by former funeral home director David Storke, Sympathy Food offers a "comforting alternative to flowers."

I'm sorry for your loss. Enjoy these pork chops.

May your memories - and these pinto beans - bring you comfort.

A sun sets on Earth, a sun rises in Heaven. Warm at 250 degrees for 25 minutes.


Ashley said...

Pretty darn funny!

Christian Miller said...

You Slipped and busted your butt... so here - enjoy mine! It's smoked!

Chris said...

I was already laughing at yours and then saw Miller's comment.

Have anything for a busted gut?

Bradley said...

that's hilarious especially the "busted your butt" comment. Butt (pun intended), aren't comfort foods things like chocolate cake or ice cream? Pork chops are nice but chocolate always "takes the cake"!