17 February 2010

BBQ IN THE NEWS: Knife Fight in Mickey Roos Parking Lot

The Nashville City Paper is reporting that William Sullivan (pictured above) allegedly stabbed his buddy in the parking lot of Mickey Roos in Franklin last night, amongst a crowd of people (Friends Like These, huh Gary?). The unnamed victim was treated and relaeased from the hospital.

I'm not really sure what was meant by the "taste of Texas" crack in the article, but our review of Texas-style barbecue in the Nashville area, including Mickey Roos, can be found here.


Inspired by eRecipeCards said...

too much red meat

Unknown said...

I bet the same thing happened when that place was a Rax.


Anonymous said...

hard to believe that a guy that looks that stupid would get in a fight and end up in jail

Anonymous said...

The guy does not look stupid at all. I happen to know the guy and he is such a good person. He has never been in trouble. He had to much to drink. Which if they would have stopped serving him drinks none of this would have happened.You can all say what you like but his friends and family knows how good of a person he is.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous:
Really?! Nice guy?! I have had too much to drink before and never stabbed a friend. The guy looks old enough to me to be an adult who can make his own decisions. I am sick of everyone not taking responsibility for their own actions. It is not a servers job description to babysit grown men. I was there that night and everyone else was ordering him shots and he diecided to take them. Being a server I know you can only "watch" someone so much. It was slammed in there that night and if he had someone else ordering his drinks for him, then a server has no idea how much he has had to drink. The fact of the matter is, it was all the D&T crowd (white trash) who came to Mickey's since D&T shut down!