15 June 2011

Cochon de Lait

Joe York and the SFA are at it again. To Live and Die in Avoyelles Parish is the latest mini-doc by the duo that just debuted last weekend at the Big Apple BBQ in New York. The film documents the tradition of Cochon de Lait in the small parish of Avoyelles. I'm pretty sure no one had ever heard of a cochon de lait in New York, but after watching this mini-doc, I doubt they will ever stop dreaming about it.

To learn more about a cochon de lait and a coon ass microwave, watch
To Live and Die in Avoyelles Parish.

To Live and Die in Avoyelles Parish from UM Media Documentary Projects on Vimeo.


MKD said...

To Joe York:

Thank you for the wonderful short film, "To Live and Die in Avoyelles Parish." It has been sent to just about everyone in and out of the Parish,& posted on FB for everyone to see. The best thing about the film is it respected our culture and custom and showed us in a positive light. Thank you so much for this. The only negative, you misspelt the name Deshotel; it's with a "D" not "B." And don't forget, everyone caught the mistake!
Other than that, it is a great success in the AP. You are welcome back anytime.

Sincerly, Mrs. Conrad "D"eshotel

Joe York said...

Hello Mrs. Deshotel,

My sincerest apologies for the misspelling. We have fixed it and reposted the fixed version online. Also we'll e sending y'all some DVDs real soon. Thanks for the feedback, the hospitality, and we'll be back for the festival next year, if not before.

Joe York

Anonymous said...

Someone is telling you that you 'misspelt' something? LOL

Joe York said...

"Misspelt" is actually a correct variation of the word "misspelled". So, LOL right back at ya.


Thanks again to you, Mrs. Deshotel.

Conrad Deshotel said...

Hey Joe York!

If I would have known you were a world renowned author, I would have taken a bath and put on clean clothes!

Everyone is enjoying the film and we are getting many positive comments from everywhere. Avoyelles Parish is very proud of the film; you did and excellent job.

Alligator Season starts Sept 1. If you want to come on down, let me know; and if we can help you with anything, do not hesitate to contact me or Ronnie.

Conrad Deshotel