22 May 2009

Friday Night Slice, Part 13

Nashville Pizza Company

"The Holy Roman Empire was neither holy nor Roman nor an empire. Discuss." - Linda Richman

With two locations in Franklin, the Nashville Pizza Company is a locally owned business that's been serving thin-crust pies since 1997 - "locally" owned by two native Arkansans (hence the smoked ham Razorback pizza on the menu) who moved here specifically to set up shop and dominate the pizza market with fresh ingredients and a unique crust.

Pizza by the slice is available during lunch hours, but every other pizza is made fresh to order with your choice of standard or exotic ingredients. NPC additionally offers Specialty (and Super Specialty) pizzas including Harvey's Special (smoked turkey, jalapenos, mozzarella and cheddar) and The Florentine (olive oil, mozzarella, parmesan, pepper jack, garlic, Alfredo sauce, spinach, onions, mushrooms, bacon, artichoke hearts and tomatoes). But you know what we ordered.

The NPC crust is the thinnest of the thin as it is folded, pressed, rolled flat and brushed lightly with water on the base before baking. It's brittle and cracker-thin all the way to the curved edge, similar to the thin crust Chicago-style or St. Louis-style pies but without the square party cut. The flavor is (intentionally) minimal but the crunch is great.

The full and slightly spicy sauce was outstanding. It was gently thick with a bit of graininess from the tiny bits of tomato and spice, nicely covering the crust interior. The flavor went well with the thin sliced pepperoni rounds that also held a bit of spice. The cheese, unfortunately, was the biggest disappointment. The quantity was average and the pull-away was fair, but the quality and flavor that you expect from the non-chains was wholly absent. You could tell it was fresh cheese (a basic mozzarella) and it was there for you in every bite, but it never asked you to notice it.

The underwhelming cheese made the whole pie fall into the mediocre "eh, it was pretty good" category, but then we looked down:

No leftovers. EVERY piece had been eaten. Hmm. It was certainly good enough to finish. The Mr. attributes it to the thin crust. He says that this crust doesn't give you that "false fullness" that you get with other crusts and other foods (like pasta). Perhaps I need to recommend this pizza more than I thought I would? The must-try crust and excellent sauce are worth the trip, but for now, I don't think that Nashville's best pizza is in Franklin.

Nashville Pizza Company
Hillsboro Road and Watson Glen
Mon-Thur: 11am-9pm; Fri-Sat: 11am-10pm; Sun: 12pm-8pm
Dine In and Carry Out

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Got any suggestions for places that I should cover? Let me know!


Rachel E said...

I think you should cover Bricks Pizza! Yum Yum!

barbara said...

Do they deliver? i'm CRAZY for delivered pizza!!!

The BBQ Guy said...

My wife and I used to live right around the corner from the Watson Glen location when we lived in Franklin several years ago. Good stuff.

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