04 September 2009

Friday Night Slice, Part 19

Geadello's Pizza

I was very excited when I recently spotted a brand spankin' new banner for a pizza parlor that I'd never heard of: Geadello's Pizza.

Yes that's right - a banner - it's not even old enough to have a permanent sign up yet! The business cards are printed, but it may be a bit early to have provided that web address.

Geadello's isn't entirely new though - just new in the realm of a neighborhood pizza shop. Geadello's has been operating as a catering company for several years in the area, offering pizzas for parties, events and corporate gatherings.

Starting with a modest menu of pizzas, subs, calzones and chicken wings, Geadello's offers hand-tossed pizzas in three sizes (small, medium and large) with all of the traditional topping options from pepperoni to mushrooms. There are only delivery and carry out options available as Geadello's has no dining room (the guest pickup room wasn't really even ready). But owner Joe LoCasto is friendly, flexible and works quickly. I popped in on the way home from "work" one afternoon, placed my order and in no time I was carrying out a piping hot large pepperoni and cheese pizza (that only cost me $11.00).

The thin, New York-style pie had a soft, floury crust that was without any outstanding notable flavors, but very good in its plainness with a great texture. There were occasional spots of powdery flour on the base, but sometimes that's just there to let you know that its handmade. The thick tomato sauce was a on the medium side in terms of spiciness, and despite the visible seasonings, the flavor was pretty average as well. The cheese and pepperoni, however, were outstanding. The mozzarella was fresh, gooey and great. I could have used a little more towards the edges though (which would have improved a low pull away score). The pepperoni was equally fresh and delicious - spicy and a little tangy as well. These two worked together beautifully in terms of taste, but they created quite a bit of grease. The blot was required.

Overall, it was a pretty darn good carry-out pizza, made to order with fresh ingredients. Simple, but tasty. Good luck Geadello's and welcome to the neighborhood!

Geadello's Pizza
4811 Trousdale Drive, Suite 1, Nashville, TN 37220 (map)
Call for more info and ordering: 615-832-5044
delivery, carry out, take-and-bake and catering

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tudorguy said...

Awesome review. We wanted to try Geadello's but were waiting for others to recommend.



tudorguy said...

This place is NEVER open. I've called four times and each time got an excuse or the voice mail.

Anonymous said...

I there with you tudorguy. I have been trying to catch tnem open of months. I thought they had closed, but saw a car driving around with name.